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Nitrous Oxide Informed Consent

I, hereby authorize the above mentioned
office’s provider(s)to perform nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation for myself (or my

  1. I accept and understand that Nitrous Oxide is commonly called laughing gas and
    provides relaxation. I understand that I (or my child) will be awake, fully conscious,
    aware of my surroundings, and able to respond rationally to questions and directions.
  2.  I accept and understand that Nitrous Oxide is an elective procedure and not required
    to provide the necessary dental treatment. I am aware that the alternative to
    completing the necessary treatment with Nitrous Oxide is to use local anesthetic
  3.  Please advise the doctor and staff of your complete medical history, including any
    surgeries. Advise them of any changes in your medical history including if you or
    your child has a cold, upper respiratory infection, asthma, or difficulty breathing, this
    may affect how well the nitrous oxide will work.
  4. Nitrous oxide sedation is used for anxiety and pain control, as well as control of
    gagging. Local anesthesia will also be required for most procedures.
  5.  I have been advised of the possible complications associated with Nitrous Oxide.
    They include, but are not limited to:
    a) Nausea and vomiting: This is the most frequent of the side effects of nitrous oxide
    sedation but its frequency is still quite low. In order to use nitrous oxide sedation,
    you (or your child) must not have eaten or drank anything for the 6 hours prior to
    the procedure. For this reason, your appointment will be first thing in the morning.
    b) Temporary tingling in the fingers, toes, cheeks, lips, tongue and head or neck area
    Nitrous Oxide Informed Consent
    c) Temporary warm feeling throughout the body with accompanying flushing/
    d) Temporary detachment or “out of body” sensation.
    e) Temporary sluggishness in motion and/or speech.
    f) Shivering – usually at the end of the procedure.
  6. Nitrous oxide sedation is very effective for many people, however; some people may
    not like the feeling it produces, or it may produce increased activity in some people, at
    which time you or the dentist may decide to discontinue nitrous oxide sedation.
  7. For some people nitrous oxide sedation may not calm them adequately to allow a
    dental procedure to be done. These people may require referral for other sedation

I hereby certify that I understand this authorization and the reasons for the above named sedative procedure and its associated risks. I am aware that the practice of dentistry is not an exact science. I acknowledge that every effort will be made in my (or my child’s) behalf for a positive outcome from sedation, but no guarantees have been made as to the result of the procedure authorized above.


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Signed On: April 4, 2018

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